PBS Reading Marathon for Kids

The 28th annual PBS Kids Reading Marathon is back! Kids age preschool through sixth grade are encouraged to participate in this year’s event, and become Super Readers when they complete the challenge!

Readers need to read 20 minutes each day for 30 days, or a total of 600 minutes. Readers can register and  log their progress on the ReadSquared app here, or on logs that are available to pick up at your library branch. Due to COVID restrictions, a Super Reading Party will not be held. Instead, Super Readers will receive an adventure pass that will allow them to pick up a prize at their library branch at the end of January.

Children who participate in the reading marathon can enter to win a Dinner Adventure Box each week at the children’s desk. Drawings will be held every Saturday during the event. Reading logs must be turned in by January 4, 2021, to receive the Super Reader prize.