2020 Census

Did you know that everyone living in the United States is required to be counted in the Census? We wanted to share with our library patrons the latest update from the Census Bureau, who just announced that the deadline for the Census follow-up has been bumped to September 30, 2020. Currently, 62.6% of the Washington County residents have responded. The Census is easy to complete, and this year you can choose to respond online, over the phone, or by mail.

Why is the Census so important? The results are used to determine how much funding our local communities receive for key public services and how many seats each state gets in Congress. State and local officials also use census counts to draw boundaries for congressional, state legislative, and school districts. If you have already submitted your Census report, great job! If not, hurry and get it done to make sure that our county receives the funding we need for our community to continue thriving!

Find out more at www.2020Census.gov.