New Media Titles

Here are some we’ve recently added:

Movies & TV:

Acts of Vengeance
All Saints
American Assassin
Curious George Season 9
Gilmore Girls: A year in the LIfe
Going In Style


Llama Nation
Martin Clunes Islands of Australia
A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul
The Messenger
Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon

We all make mistakes. For instance, you might have called your mother-in-law by the wrong name this past holiday season. Whoops. Or maybe you pocket dialed your grandmother and she overheard you using the bathroom after a particularly savage bean burrito. Oh, dear. But the nice thing about January 1st is that it wipes the slate clean. (Well, sort of. You should probably still apologize to your mother-in-law.) You have a whole new year ahead, with no mistakes in in (yet)! So don’t make the mistake of missing out on some great media from the library.

And we’re totally not mistaken about this: media are FREE to check out with your Washington County Library Card. So start your 2018 year out right. Come on by the library and check out our media collection. It’ll be the furthest thing from a mistake you can make.

— Beth Meyers,
St. George Library