Unbound Upcycled Book Art Winners

The 2021 Un~Bound Upcycled Book Art contest had amazing entries that were beautiful and imaginative and reflected the theme “Metamorphosis”.  There were entries submitted at all  eight branch locations, and the challenge to transform a book into a work of art was met with creative and colorful pieces, each one unique and one-of-a-kind. The judging was provided by staff members of the Dixie State University Art Department, who judged the entries for originality, creativity, technical difficulty, and theme.  The winners will be presented with gift bags that include  gift cards and awards. The winners in the categories are as follows:

Child 5-8
1st           Miles Burr           New Harmony
2nd          Greta Smith        New Harmony
3rd           Molly Cox            St. George
HM         Gavin Smith        New Harmony
HM         Phoebe Burr        New Harmony
HM         LilyAna Stine      St. George
HM         Lennox Evans     St. George
HM         Gabriel Jessop    Hildale
HM         Harvey Fanger   St. George

Child 9-12
1st           Eleanor Jones       Enterprise
2nd (tie)    Jedidiah Cox      St. George
2nd(tie)     Aubree Ames    St. George
3rd           Adaline Cox         St. George
HM         Emmalee Yost    St. George
HM         Emily Evelyn      Enterprise
HM         Analise Jessop   Hildale
HM         Dan Jessop          Hildale
HM         Brigham Whitney   Washington
HM         Marli Burgess     St. George
HM         Felicty Yost        St. George

Teens 13-18
1st (tie)     Annie Gutierrez      Enterprise
1st (tie)     Daisy Cox                  St. George
2nd (tie)    Lavinia Lentz          Santa Clara
2nd (tie)    MJ Jensen                 Santa Clara
3rd (tie)     Allison Ames          St. George
3rd (tie)     Torrey Jackson      Santa Clara
HM         Lucy Benson             Santa Clara
HM         Sofia Duran               Santa Clara
HM         Truman Hale            Santa Clara
HM         Amy Baumgarten   Santa Clara
HM         Robin Summers       St. George
HM         Sariah Bergens        Santa Clara

Adult 19+
Best in Show      Tayden Merrill   St. George
1st           Holly Blaha                           St. George
2nd (tie)    Dovey Roah                        Hurricane
2nd (tie)    Amanda Whitney             Washington
3rd           Christa Phelps                     St. George
3rd           Lynne Hynes                        St. George
HM         Tiffany Barlow                    Hildale
HM         Jordan Clark                         St. George
HM         Raquel  Culligan                  St. George
HM         Joseph Larson                     St. George
HM         April Poulsen                       Washington
HM         Lindsey Wintch                   St. George

Adults 62+ (4 BAGS)
1st           Sandy Bell                            Springdale
2nd          Gloria Wagner                   St. George
3rd           Linda Powers                     St. George
HM         Everett Maynard              St. George

Special Needs
1st           Levi Jessop                         Hildale
2nd          Bill Doughty                      St. George
3Rd          Bob Porter                          St. George
HM         John Stewart                     St. George
HM         Sue Cruz                              St. George

Here are photos of a few of the winning entries:

Tayden Merrill Best of Show

Holly Blaha First Place Adult

Sandy Bell First Place 62+

Annie Gutierrez First Place Teen (tie)

Daisy Cox First Place Teen (tie)

Eleanor Jones First Place 9-12

Miles Burr First Place 5-8