Email Information

How can I use Internet e-mail at the library?
You may be able to read and send e-mail at Library workstations, depending on the type of access allowed by your provider. The Washington County Library does not have a generic e-mail account that the public may use. The library also does not offer any type of e-mail service to the public, other than allowing the public to access web-based email from public Internet machines.

If you don’t have an e-mail account, you can establish a free account by signing up with one of the free Web-based services mentioned below.

Free e-mail can be established with many providers. They include:

These providers support themselves by inserting advertisements in the e-mail you send. You may access web-based mail accounts at Library workstations by entering the provider’s web address in the Address bar of the browser. You will need to know your user id and password to log in.

Access an already existing account
If you use client/server e-mail packages like Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes or Eudora to check your mail while at home, school or work, you may be able to check your mail at Library workstations if your provider offers web-based access. If not, try a free POP3 gateway like POP3now or MailStart. You will need to know your e-mail address, password and the name of your mail server.

AOL has created a service that allows its customers to check their mail using any web browser. You will need to know your screen name and password.

E-Mail attachments
E-mail attachments are great if you know exactly what the attachment is, and the computer allows you to download the attachment. However, attachments are dangerous and can be malicious. They can contain viruses, worms, or trojan horses. Generally, if the attachment can be viewed within the browser, it’s safe. Downloading executables is strictly prohibited on computers at the library.