The Washington County Library System currently has eight (8) branches to serve the residents of the county. Please select a location to learn more about services and activities in your area.

Saint George
(435) 634-5737

Santa Clara
(435) 986-0432

(435) 635-4621

(435) 772-3676

(435) 878-2574

New Harmony
(435) 867-0065

(435) 627-2706

(435) 874-1341

Online catalog lets you search for books, audio, movies, and other media in all branches of Washington County Library System.

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The world's largest independent publisher and distributor of unabridged audiobooks, the electronic downloadable version of Recorded Books extensive library.

A collection of electronic books (ebooks).


Auto Repair Reference Center:
Motor vehicle repair and maintenance information. (Requires your library barcode number.)

Health Source®: Consumer Edition
Nearly 80 full-text, consumer health magazines, covering cancer, diabetes, drugs, alcohol, aging, fitness, nutrition, etc.

Heritage Quest:
Genealogical information including searchable images of U.S. Federal census records.

Learning Express Library:
Practice tests, exercises, and skill-building courses to help in exam preparation.

Millions of articles, from hundreds publishers of newspapers and magazines.

Provides authoritative medical information on nursing, dentistry, veterinary, the health care system, and much more.

ProQuest Newsstand:
An online newspaper resource that provides indexed and fully searchable electronic access to around 600 international, national and regional newspapers.

Public Pioneer:
A virtual library created by the Utah State Library Division.

Reference USA:
Business and Residential Information

Student Research Center:
Homework Help for Students in Grades 6-12, providing appropriate research tools for easily obtaining information.

Transparent Language® Online:
Users go through a series of simple steps to memorize words and phrases in a new language in the shortest possible time.

Tuition Funding Sources:
A private website designed to help students find scholarships, college and career information.

Utah's Newspapers Portal:
Collections and archives as well as current issues of your favorite newspapers.

A free education, career planning, and resume system.

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How can I get a library card?
What am I responsible for as a WCL card holder?
What happens if my library card gets stolen?
What is the lending policy?
How much are late fines?
How can I know what’s checked out on my library card?
Does the library notify me if I have an item overdue?
What if I lose an item?
What’s the policy on library theft?
How can I reserve an item?
How do I check in items?
How can I use Internet e-mail at the library?
How can I renew my library items?
Where’s the food handler class?

How can I get a library card?

Resident Cards
Library cards are FREE to Washington County residents. You must present two different forms of ID:

1) Photo identification – issued by government, school, or employer. (Please note that under Utah law, a governmental entity may NOT accept a driving privilege card as proof of identification,  see Utah Code Section 53-3-207).


2) Proof of Permanent Address to establish Washington County Residency (physical address, we do not accept P.O. Box numbers, PMB’s (Public Mail Boxes such as Mailboxes, ETC. or the mail Shop), motel addresses, or Dixie Care and Share as an address.

A document bearing the applicant’s name and current address (this cannot be photo ID). Some examples of proof of address are as follows:
-Utility bill
-Property tax statement
-rent or mortgage receipt of payment with address
-Mail postmarked within the last 30 days, excluding junk mail

A parent or legal guardian MUST be present when getting a card for a child below the age of 18 (a minor).

Non-Resident Cards
Non-Residents cards are available and can be issued with a picture I.D. for one year, or six months. To obtain a Washington County Library Non-Residnet card the fee is $33 a year or $20 for six months. A family or household member of a non-resident cardholder may be added for the same duration for a fee of $5.00.


What am I responsible for as a WCL card holder?


You are responsible, as a card holder, for ALL material borrowed on your card and use of your card by others is prohibited. As such you are responsible for ALL losses and/or damages to library material on your library card. The card holder is responsible for prompt payment of any charges incurred. The library patron must provide prompt notification to the library of any change of address or phone number. If a library card is lost or stolen, the card holder is responsible for all material on the card until notification to library staff.


What happens if my library card gets stolen?

Treat your library card as if it were a credit card. Notify the library immediately that your card has been lost or stolen. The library will freeze your account on any check outs. A new card can be issued to you for a small fee.


What is the lending policy?

The recommended item total for adult cards is 20 items and the recommended item total for minor cards is 10 items.  The checkout period is fourteen (14) days for all materials except DVDs and videos, which check out for seven (7) days.


How much are late fines?

Fines are .10 cents per item per day (excluding Sundays and holidays). After 30 days, the status of an overdue book is changed to LOST, and the patron must pay the replacement cost of that item unless the book is returned. A non-refundable service charge of $5.00 will be added to the cost of all items that have to be replaced (except magazines).


How can I know what’s checked out on my library card?

Access our online catalog by clicking here. Click on the “My Account” tab and enter in your library card barcode number. You will be shown a list of items on your card.

Refer to your check out slip that is given to you each time you check out items at the library.

Call the library at (435) 634-5737 , ext 2284 and ask to be told what is on your card.


Does the library notify me if I have an item overdue?

Yes, a notice is sent after an item has been overdue for 10 days. If the item is not returned within 10 days, another notice will be sent out, and a phone call will be made to the patron. After 30 days, the item goes to “lost” and must be paid for. There is, in addition to the cost of the book, a $5.00 restocking fee that is nonrefundable. Please keep track of books checked out on your library card.


What if I lose an item?

If you lose an item, please contact the library as soon as possible and ask for the Lost and Damaged Specialist. The phone number is 435-634-5737. If this individual is not available, other staff may be able to assist as needed.


What’s the policy on library theft?

Theft and/or intentional damaging of library material is a crime and may be subject to federal, state, and local laws.


How can I reserve an item?

You can reserve an item by using our online catalog.
You may also reserve an item by calling the library and staff will assist you over the phone.


How do I check in items?

There are both interior and exterior drop boxes to which you may return items. However, we do warn that any damage to audio or video tapes due to heat will be the responsibility of the patron. Thus, we encourage the return of audio/visual materials to interior drop boxes.


How can I use Internet e-mail at the library?

You may be able to read and send e-mail at Library workstations, depending on the type of access allowed by your provider. The Washington County Library does not have a generic e-mail account that the public may use. The library also does not offer any type of e-mail service to the public, other than allowing the public to access web-based email from public Internet machines.

If you don’t have an e-mail account, you can establish a free account by signing up with one of the free Web-based services mentioned below.

Free e-mail can be established with many providers. They include:


How can I renew my library items?

Visit our website at go to our renewals section. Once there, click on the renewals logo and you’ll be taken to iPAC. Click on the “My Account” tab, enter in your library barcode, and you’ll be shown a screen that has a list of your items checked out. Click the box by the item and hit renew.
Call the library at (435) 634-5737 and ask to have your items renewed.


Didn’t the Library used to offer a food handler permit class?

Yes, the library used to offer this class. However, the class is now offered at the Southwest Public Health Building 168 North 100 East, St. George at 3:30 p.m. There is no preregistration and class size is limited to 25 persons. The cost is $20. Please call (435) 986-2580 for more information.