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Alan Andersen, Branch Manager

Alan Andersen,  Library Director, St. George Branch Manager

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What We Do

We provide open, non-judgmental access to collections and services without regard to race, citizenship, age, educational level, economic status, religion, or any other qualifications or conditions. The library is to serve the total community by providing free and open access to the ideas and information available on all subjects and in all formats. We select and make available materials for the enlightenment, cultural enrichment and enjoyment of its public of all ages, levels of abilities and interest. Also, we advocate and support the First Amendment Rights and the Library Bill of Rights, and protect library materials from censorship.

Mission Statement

The Washington County Library System provides staff, collections, physical and virtual spaces that promote ideas, inspire lifelong learning, and strengthen communities. Our objectives are:

  • Provide collections and services to meet community needs and interests
  • Promote the Washington County Library System, the Utah State Library, and all library services available in the state
  • Promote the awareness and use of library resources, services, and programs
  • Develop and maintain working relationships with other libraries and with cultural, educational, social, and informational agencies
  • Attract and develop a high-quality staff with special skills, knowledge, and abilities to help library users
  • Create an environment which motivates staff to achieve high levels of performance, productivity, and professional development
  • Exercise prudence in the utilization of human, financial, and physical resources
  • Utilize appropriate technologies to maintain and improve library operations and services
  • Provide and maintain clean, open, and welcoming facilities



Alan has enjoyed his years of service to the residents of the Washington County Library System and has worked at many of the libraries located in Washington County. He has served as the manager of the Saint George Branch, Santa Clara Branch, and the Washington Branch. Additionally, in an interim capacity, he was assigned to manage the Springdale Branch, New Harmony Branch, and the Hurricane Branch. Currently, he is the library director and manager of the Saint George Branch. This experience has provided an opportunity to meet many wonderful residents and gain insight into the things that make Washington County unique. From firsthand experience, he knows all of our libraries are filled with material that can provide enjoyment, promote ideas, inspire learning, and strengthen our communities.

He earned a Master’s Degree in Library Science along with an Advanced Management Certificate for Libraries and Information Agencies, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Management, with a minor in Business Management. Not only does he work at the library, but his wife and three children have benefited from library programs, enjoyed many movies, books, and audios from the library. His hobbies of gardening and woodworking have been expanded by library materials. He also enjoys camping as a family. Prior to his time at the Washington County Library System, Alan worked for just under two decades at the Davis County Library System in northern Utah. While there he helped to build and open the Centerville Branch, serving as the first branch manager. Alan is a member of the Utah Library Association and believes libraries make a difference in people’s lives by helping to accelerate learning, investing in imagination, and by creating stronger communities.